Our Services

We offer a wide range of training courses and events. To register, please complete our ‘contact us’ form and we’ll make contact at a time that suits you to further discuss your requirements.


Horizonscan has developed a range of business continuity services that will provide the processes and systems for businesses and organisations to make themselves more resilient to crisis events. Each service is tailored towards a specific customer requirement.

The primary packages we offer are below:

Crisis Simulation

A Crisis Simulation is a process of testing and validation of a business’s response to a serious disruptive  event. The simulation focuses on testing and improving the resilience of specific teams and/or sites. It is based around a very practical ‘Simulation Exercise’ and a resulting improvement report.
The package includes:

  • Full pre-planning and crisis team briefing (staff do not need any previous experience)
  • Delivery of the Crisis Simulation Exercise (CSE)
  • Full post exercise ‘hot’ de-brief with Facilitators and coaches
  • Improvement report with recommendations

Business Continuity Maintenance Package

The Business Continuity Maintenance Package is our full package of services that takes a business right through the process from writing their Business Continuity policy, to writing and testing their Business Continuity plans in line with ISO 22301.
It also includes a practical ‘Crisis Simulation Exercise’ that tests your resilience.
This package is ideal for a mid-size business that is looking for someone to essentially become their external business continuity department. We implement and manage your Business Continuity Management System getting you to ISO 22301 standards. We then keep testing and improving it to make sure you stay there.


We offer a wide range of training packages and courses developed to increase your Business Resilience.
These Include

  • Understanding organisational Resilience
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) development
  • Carrying out Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Taking your Organisation to ISO 22301
  • Developing a real world DR Plan
  • Crisis Management for SME
  • Crisis Command for Crisis Team Members
  • Crisis Command for Senior Commanders (Gold & Silver)
  • Crisis Press and Media
  • Risk Management in the Dynamic Environment (DRA)
  • Emergency Services (or Enforcing Authority) Liaison
  • Record Keeping and Note taking
  • Crisisboardroom (Using the toolkit)

We can also develop bespoke courses to suit your organisational needs.