Horizonscan win Major International Insurance Award for Business Resilience

Kent-based international business resilience consultants, Horizonscan, have won a prestigious International Risk Management Award.

The award, sponsored by CIR (Continuity Insurance & Risk) Magazine, recognises initiatives that have improved the business resilience of a multi-national company that can demonstrate it has built risk-management into projects of a cross-border and international scope. Special focus is given to the way in which differences in cultural, language and local environment are addressed to create a successful outcome.

Horizonscan CEO, Russ Timpson, and General Manager, Will Scobie, accepted the award with client representatives at CIR magazine’s annual awards dinner in London in November 2017.

“Horizonscan is delighted to receive this award on behalf of many people in both organisations who have worked hard to deliver this project and make a real difference to the business resilience of our client,” said Mr. Timpson.

A number of Horizonscan staff are experienced senior officers from Kent’s Police and Fire Service who draw on their many years of crisis command.

During 2016/2017 the programme has supported client operations in China, Germany, South Africa, Australia, US, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and India.

Since the stress-test simulation training programme started, Horizonscan’s client experienced a number of incidents at sites that had recently undertaken ‘immersive coaching’. Testimonies from management at these sites was clear: “our recovery performance was significantly better due to the programme”.

Over the next three years the programme will include all the client’s ‘key and critical’ production sites and talks have started with multiple stakeholders to define on an ongoing basis what business resilience should mean to the organisation.

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About Horizonscan Founded in June 2012, Horizonscan is a consulting company that coaches businesses and organisations to become resilient to crisis events. It has developed a range of services that facilitate improvement and sustainability in the three key stages of loss prevention: Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis; Resilience Planning; and Readiness Processes and Practice

Horizonscan offers expert advice, training and seminars in business continuity, fire risk management and crisis command and control. Clients include; aerospace, food manufacturing, large scale construction and logistics.