Read what many of the companies that we are working with say about us.

Hugely encouraging

“Horizonscan delivered two challenging, interesting exercises that the participants found ‘hugely encouraging’. Key to this was their patient, understanding, flexible approach that allowed them to accommodate our requirements whilst maintaining a clear focus on the aim.

We expect to invite them back for more.

– Director of Risk Management, Imperial College, London

A unique solution for stress testing crisis readiness

“Horizonscan offers a unique solution for stress testing crisis readiness, that provides a lens into areas of strength, as well as vulnerabilities that need to be strengthened. The Horizonscan team have again and again proven to be insightful and engaged partners that can deliver a scenario along with support to assure learning, improvement, and meaningful direction

– Group Head of Quality & Food Safety, Glanbia, USA.

Calm & professional approach without a condescending attitude

The ability to continue to supply customers is paramount. Prior to Horizonscan’s involvement, the company believed that it had a competent recovery plan. Horizonscan’s calm and professional approach, brought to light just how theoretical our plan was. This was done without a condescending attitude but with a desire for a long standing co-operation and development of the plan with the company.

Their team was able to bring to life “real” situations through practical hands-on scenarios and, by using Horizonscan’s Red Book incident guide.

We have had need to practically implement our plans on more than one occasion and as a result of the practical and theoretical advice and support from Horizonscan, we have received praise from all of the Emergency Services and the Environmental Agency and, as a result, press coverage of the incidents have been company positive.

Amphenol Limited will continue working with Horizonscan as our guide as part of a continuing, developing plan”

– Finance Director – manufacturer of high precision connectors UK

Better prepared for any unforeseen events

We have worked with Horizonscan via a number of our clients who have significant exposures to unforeseen events in their supply chain. Horizonscan has displayed in all cases an excellent ability to quickly gain an in-depth understanding of our clients business and engage them in a way that ensures full support of the exercise within that company.

This ultimately ensures that the results of the exercise become embedded in that company’s operations and culture going forward.

As a result of this we have successfully completed a number of end to end Business Continuity Plans in conjunction with Horizonscan, which are bespoke to the demands, needs and operations of their business. Without exception all of our clients have seen this as a beneficial exercise which has given them a better understanding of their business and left them better prepared for any unforeseen events that may happen in the future.

– Insurance, Ireland

The Horizonscan team is key to it’s success

Horizonscan has provided BCM services to a number of Mitsui Sumitomo’s corporate clients over the last 6 to 7 years. These services have included awareness raising, business impact analyses, development and implementation of emergency response and the delivery of full scale exercise and test programmes.

Some of our most important corporate clients have been taken from a position of “low awareness” to one where they have a resilient and verified BCM capability. The key to this success has been the careful phased delivery via presentations, workshops and well-planned exercise programmes.

Horizonscan’s team makeup is key to the success of these initiatives allowing them to easily engage with their audience, effortlessly taking them along with them on their BCM journey. Their planning and delivery of full scale exercise programmes is second to none with all our clients having reaped incredible benefits from the experience.

They use real life experiences gained from their wide and varied career to bring the subject to life making it real for those tasked with implementation.

– Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, London

Pleased to say that our BCP is now robust

Palmer & Harvey employed Horizonscan to present an internal training day for all Directors and safety staff, covering both fire issues and Business Continuity, which was a journey we were starting on.

Their expert advice and experience in this field was invaluable, especially their use of practical examples and previous knowledge of a wide range industry sectors, which added realism to what can be quite a dry subject.

The team held a one day exercise at one of our Distribution Centres and a further one at our main Head Office. The feedback from both was very positive and the reports produced by Horizonscan post incident provided many areas for improvement of our BCP.

Horizonscan’s expert coaches have the knack of making people think for themselves rather than talking them through training courses, and they always make themselves available after training for further advice and clarification.

I am pleased to say that our BCP is now robust and indeed has been recently tested during a 10 day loss of one of our facilities. Without the kick start Horizonscan offered and their excellent testing of our system, it could have been a different story.

– Palmer & Harvey Distribution, UK

Quite simply, Horizonscan is the best I have encountered

I have specialised in Business Interruption for 28 years. One frequently encountered problem is the panic and poor decision making that occurs in the immediate aftermath of an incident, major or minor.

This stems from lack of clarity about roles, poor management structures, as well as denial of access to assets, information and people. Businesses make plans to make things and make money; they rarely plan adequately for the moment when the normal world stops revolving.

Having participated in a full BCP test exercise with the Horizonscan team, I saw the benefits at first hand, as did all participants. Quite simply, Horizonscan is the best I have encountered.

Their skill is in simulating an evolving problem (not a static one), and then, in choreographing the role play of relevant stakeholders in a realistic, virtual way. The documented BCP gets the workout of its life.

The result is exposure, embarrassment, acknowledgement and education. Armed with this output, a client really does have the bones of a proper plan. Every company that is serious about preparing for trouble ought to embrace what Horizonscan uniquely offer.

– Thornton & Partners, Loss Adjusters, Dublin

Did an excellent job of putting us at ease

Horizon Scan was contracted by Glanbia this year to assist us in exercising our Business Continuity Plan for true effectiveness.

Having never gone through anything like this before, it was difficult to know what to expect and Horizon Scan was very proactive and did an excellent job of putting us at ease and ensuring we understood they were here to assist us and not judge.

This set a very good tone to start the exercise that was not only very insightful, but extremely realistic.

They set the stage and coached us through the necessary steps, while also allowing us the opportunity to problem solve. The entire process was very balanced, extremely educational, and very effective.

We learned significantly from the process and will be looking forward to taking the necessary steps to improve our plan and exercise it again at the next level up next year. I would recommend them highly and would find this program extremely valuable.

– Glanbia Nutritionals, Carlsbad, California

The whole Horizonscan team was very professional

Working with Horizonscan proved to be an even better experience than expected. Our company contracted Horizon Scan to help us with an exercise to test our BCP.

The whole Horizonscan team was very professional.  They arrived several days early to prepare and make the exercise real and site specific.

The team did a wonderful job of not only challenging us but teaching our senior management team.

After the experience we better understand what areas of improvement are needed, but most importantly our team feels better prepared to handle various types of crisis.

We plan to continue to invite Horizonscan back year after year to continue to build our BCP expertise.

– South West Cheese, Clovis, New Mexico

Excellent information and effective scenarios

I have been involved with two Business Continuity Plan (BCP) exercises with the team from Horizonscan PTY LTD. In both cases Russ Timpson and his team provided excellent information and effective scenarios to find and understand the vulnerability within our BCPs and our responses to emerging and ongoing emergency situations at our facilities.

The team used combination of active instruction, coaching and knowing when to allow the participants in the exercise to encounter and work around deficiencies within the BCP was constructive and appropriate.

In both cases the staff involved in the exercise learned and had very positive feedback regarding their new understanding of the importance of the BCP, how to structure the BCP and the need to perform periodic exercises with personnel from all areas of the company.

I highly recommend the Horizonscan team as they are professional, instructive and treat their clients with respect.

– Twin Falls, Idaho