Meet the Horizonscan team

Based in Kent, Horizonscan has a large and growing core team. Our consultants have wide-ranging experience and skills, but specialise in either Resilience, Response or Crisis Management.

Meet Our Associates

Olga Shashkina-Pescaroli

Consultant (Resilience)

Olga Shashkina-Pescaroli | Consultant (Resilience) Bio

Olga has a background in international development and risk management. She held a policy role with the UN’s regional development hub in Thailand, and spent five years with the Georgian government’s Ministry for the Environment. She has a MSc in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change, and a degree in international and European law. She has worked in several disaster zones on the frontline, including for the UNIFEC relief effort in Haiti, following the 2010 Earthquake.

Paul Newman

Specialist Consultant in Emergency Response

Paul Newman | Specialist Consultant in Emergency Response Bio

The former manager of a large, operational fire station in Ramsgate, Paul has two decades’ experience in emergency response planning, and in risk assurance for large events and infrastructure projects. This includes nine years working in fire safety and emergency planning around the Channel Tunnel. Paul trains others in Silver Command, and his operational knowledge includes fire safety around tall buildings, the haulage sector, and the pharmaceutical industry. He has extensive experience of delivering risk management at high profile events, ranging from Prime Ministerial dinners at the opening of the Channel Tunnel, through to the 2003 British Golf Open.

Paul is himself a keen golfer in his spare time. He spent nineteen years as a school governor in Westgate.

Anna Averkiou

Specialist Consultant in Crisis Media

Anna Averkiou | Specialist Consultant in Crisis Media Bio

In an era of 24-hour news and social media, the management of communications is increasingly central to an organisation’s resilience in the face of change. Anna’s particular interest in crisis media and reputation management stems from more than 30 years’ experience as a journalist. She started her career as a trainee print reporter on local newspapers in North London, before working her way up and specialising in world news and current affairs with various national and international news organisations including the BBC, CNN, ABC (America), Worldwide Television News (now APTN) and Visnews (now Reuters TV). During that time Anna covered some of the world’s biggest stories, and ran bureaux in Moscow, Sarajevo and Brussels. Since leaving the BBC in 2010, she has worked with organisations across a variety of private and public sectors to improve their crisis communications and understand and engage effectively with the media. She regularly teaches, writes and speaks about journalism and media issues and was Media Advisor to the Panel of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry into historic child abuse. .

Anna is a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, served on the London Executive Board of The Emergency Planning Society and is now Board Advisor on Media Engagement for The Security Institute.

Anna is a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, and tutors at the Press Association.

Matt Blackband

Specialist Consultant in Cyber Forensics

Matt Blackband | Specialist Consultant in Cyber Forensics Bio

Matt Blackband is an accredited cyber response consultant, with experience of law enforcement, military, and corporate environments. His background is one of a former New Scotland Yard detective and was one of the founder members of the multi-agency National Hi-Tech Crime Unit. He was actively engaged in the development and growth of both the Metropolitan Police’s SO13 Anti-Terrorist Branch, and SO15 Counter Terrorism Command Hi-Tech Units. Since leaving the service in 2008, he has performed a number of cyber response consultancy roles to corporate and military clients.

Matt has recently performed incident response and cyber investigations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Far East. Matt’s highly specialised role at Horizonscan provides support to our clients. He holds a number of professional memberships, been afforded expert witness status at a number of courts and studied computer forensics at Cranfield University’s College of Military Science.

Mick Phelan

Specialist Consultant in Event Delivery

Mick Phelan | Specialist Consultant in Event Delivery Bio

As Horizonscan’s Specialist Consultant in Crisis Management, Mick has a background in the management of big events and high-risk projects. This includes three decades in the police – with eleven years in the firearms unit – and a further eight years working on national security projects. Mick has particular experience of security planning for events which involve large crowds, high profile guests and multiple moving parts. These range from safety assurance delivery at Wembley, the O2 arena and the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony, through to counter-terrorism preparations during Papal and political visits, and risk management around the Julian Assange case.

Mick enjoys travelling, sport, and spending time with his wife and two daughters

Chris Moss

Specialist Consultant in Enterprise Risk

Chris Moss | Specialist Consultant in Enterprise Risk Bio

As President of Compass Risk Services, a partner organisation of Horizonscan’s, Chris’s specialism is in enterprise risk. With a professional background in commercial property, casualty and management liability insurance, he has significant experience of managing day‐to‐day commercial risk and of addressing exposure concerns. He has worked for high-profile clients including the Panama Canal, the Palm Jumierah and the Reliance Jamnagar Refinery, and has advised on insurance issues for technical and enterprise risks in developing nations.

Chris is a licensed risk manager, and holds Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Associate in Risk Management (ARM), and Associate in Claims (AIC) qualifications.

Nick Howe

Specialist Consultant in Financial Risk

Nick Howe | Specialist Consultant in Financial Risk Bio

Nick is a specialist in financial risk. He has over 28 years insurance industry experience, including 12 years at Lloyds of London, the world’s leading insurance market. He has also advised lenders for financed projects in the developing world, and spent 16 years working in the US, where he covered a range of commercial markets. This included managing C-suite relationships with carriers and captives around the world, and working for the Charles Taylor Risk Consulting Team in Dallas.

He now lives back in London, and is a consultant with Compass Risk Services.

Chris Clarke

Specialist Consultant in Strategic Communications

Chris Clarke | Specialist Consultant in Strategic Communications Bio

Chris Clarke is a strategic comms adviser, who has consulted across the local government and third sectors and on political campaigns. He has worked as a political press officer and presented community cohesion at the UK Social Marketing Conference. He wrote the Local Government Association’s toolkit on engagement and trust, New Conversations. He specialises in using segmentation for community engagement, and in deploying targeted communications to address social issues and improve cohesion.