Horizonscan LTD has recently received Good Business Charter accreditation, for their commitments to practising business responsibly. The Charter is all assessed online and free for the first year, with no joining fee. We have a little more information below about the history of the charter and the components for accreditation, and would love to recommend you to look at gaining GBC accreditation!

The Good Business Charter is a simple accreditation to recognise responsible businesses. It is open to UK organisations of all sizes and structures and measures organisations on ten components for companies, and nine for charities or public sector organisations (as the tax component is exempt).

Many people believe in a fairer society and want to work for and purchase from organisations that are ethical and responsible. At the current time, it is almost impossible to know which those organisations are. The Good Business Charter seeks to provide a clear accreditation for all stakeholders to recognise those businesses operating responsibly in these areas.
The goal of the Good Business Charter is to gain a critical mass of accredited companies of all sizes and from all sectors and work to get the brand widely recognised in the UK for consumers, employees, investors and other stakeholders.