Crisis Simulation Exercise

Horizonscan’s award winning Crisis Simulation Exercise (CSE) tests an organisation’s ability to respond to a crisis event through a table top exercise. Through the CSE, we will review your current documentation, examine the competency of your Crisis Command Team and produce a follow-up improvement report with key recommendations.

Our exercises are delivered by coaches with decades of operational and technical experience in Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Emergency Response. We have delivered over 400 of these exercises around the world in different markets, different industries and for businesses both large and small.

This service is ideal for a business that already has a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place and is looking to have it validated.


Readiness Assessment

The Readiness Assessment provides a full review of the current state of resilience for a business. The assessment is based upon international best practice and guidelines, including ISO 22301 (Business Continuity), ISO 22316 (Organisational Resilience) and BS 11200 (Crisis Management).

The assessment looks at current documentation and internal processes, as well as awareness and competency of staff. At the end of the assessment, the business will be provided with a report that provides recommendations and actions for improvement. The Readiness Assessment also includes an overall score which is industry benchmarked.

This service is ideal for a business that is trying to understand how resilient they currently are and what investment would be needed to take them to the next level.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Development

For a business looking to update an existing BCP, or develop one from scratch, Horizonscan can provide this service. Horizonscan has worked companies around the world and in different industries to develop and update their BCPs.

Horizonscan’s consultants will provide support throughout the development of the BCP, including writing sections, reviewing the document and answering questions. At the end of this process, a business will have a BCP in place that is linked directly into how they operate. To close out the BCP development, we will train all the relevant staff on the BCP and then provide a workshop to validate the contents.

This service is ideal for a business that needs to have a plan to reduce disruption to their operations.


Business Continuity Maintenance

Horizonscan’s Business Continuity Maintenance is an ongoing service where we act as your outsourced Business Continuity department. As part of this service, we will support you in developing the required documentations and plans, we will train all staff to an agreed level and conduct the annual test of the BCP through table-top exercises.

Our Business Continuity Maintenance clients will have access to all of our training and consultancy services. Our schedule of work will be flexible to meet your changing needs, including adapting any planned work to emerging risks. A project team of consultants will be allocated to you as your primary support, but you will also have access to our wider team's skills and specialist areas.

This service is ideal for a business who does not have or does not require an in-house Business Continuity team but requires ongoing Business Continuity support from an externally sourced consultancy team.

What Do Our Clients Think About Horizonscan?

  • "When we first engaged with Horizonscan…we were shocked at how unprepared we were in the event of an incident ranging from a fire to a blocked road by our premises although I could go on. The Horizonscan team helped us to understand all the incidents that could potentially affect our staff and business. We then went about putting a robust structure in place to deal with every type of crisis we could face. Their specialist staff worked with our crisis team to give them all the tools needed to deal with any potential incident. We are without a doubt in a better place after working with them. It is something that we all hope we will never need, but I truly feel the time and money that was invested was well worth it. "
    UK fresh produce sourcing and distribution firm
  • "On Saturday evening we had a 4 inch mains pipe burst and flood the site for 6 hours, unnoticed. We estimate that we had some 60,000l of warm muddy water flow through the site affecting around 50% of the footprint, including assembly. By this morning at 9am we had a fully functioning, safe, almost dry factory. No small credit to Horizonscan for the lessons you have taught us. Our processes worked well and the team’s response was outstanding. Thank you Horizonscan! "
    UK based electronics manufacturer
  • "We are continuing our ongoing relationship with Horizonscan this year. During the work programme, Horizonscan have assisted us with our documentation, all of which were delivered on time. Horizonscan continue to deliver a high standard of service and have been a great support in helping us develop our Business Continuity Management System."
    Irish telecoms provider
  • "Over the last 15 years Horizonscan have provided invaluable BCM solutions to MS Amlin’s corporate client base. Over this same time period their services have been refined and enhanced to reflect the ever-changing business environment in which Organisations now find themselves.  Horizonscan continue to be MS Amlin’s preferred supplier of continuity solutions and their delivery of exercising and training programmes remains second to none."
    Global specialty insurer and reinsurer
  • "Horizonscan offers a unique solution for stress-testing crisis readiness, that provides a lens into areas of strength, as well as vulnerabilities that need to be [addressed]. The Horizonscan team have again and again proven to be insightful and engaged partners, who can deliver a scenario along with support to assure learning, improvement and meaningful direction. "
    Worldwide global nutrition company
  • "Horizonscan delivered two challenging [and] interesting exercises, that the participants found ‘hugely encouraging’. Key to this was their patient, understanding, flexible approach, [which] allowed them to accommodate our requirements whilst maintaining a clear focus on the aim. "
    Top 100 worldwide university
  • We tested our working from home capability with the office closed for the day last week – thankfully before schools, colleges, creches closed [as a result of COVID-19]. It’s incredible to witness this – I hope it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. I am very glad that we had your input over the past few years. It has definitely pushed us to improve remote working capability.
    Irish software solutions and services provider