Crisis Simulation Exercise

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Award Winning Crisis Simulation Exercises

Horizonscan’s award winning Crisis Simulation Exercise tests an organisation ability to respond to a crisis event through a table top exercise. Through the CSE we will review your current documentation, examine the competency of your Crisis Management Team and produce a follow-up improvement report with key recommendations.
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Key Benefits of Crisis Simulation Exercise

The CSE is perfect for a business that is looking to test either an established plan or a set of informal processes. The audience will normally range from 8 people up to a maximum of 25, with all key functions such as IT, HR, Finance and Sales involved.
The CSE scenario is bespoke to each business and will be designed following a review of your operations and documentation. We work closely with brokers and insurers to ensure that any outputs from the CSE can feed directly into the businesses risk profile.
Horizonscan’s qualified facilitator and coaches will provide advice and guidance throughout the exercise. Our team are either time-served emergency services responders or qualified professionals in their specialist area. We focus on giving real-world advice on how to respond.
All of our work is based around key industry documentation and guidance. Our core references are ISO 22301 (Business Continuity), ISO 22316 (Organisational Resilience) NFPA 1600 (Continuity, Emergency and Crisis Management) and BS 11200 (Crisis Management).
We offer three levels of exercise to test different stages of maturity in a business. Our Level 1 exercises are coaching events that provide structure and support to a team looking to identify their respone structure and processes. The Level 2 and 3 exercises are aimed at business with more mature plans and procedures, and focus on exposing inappropriate assumptions and unacceptable concentrations of risk and validating competency.

What Do Our Clients Think About This Service?

  • "Over the last 15 years Horizonscan have provided invaluable BCM solutions to MS Amlin’s corporate client base. Over this same time period their services have been refined and enhanced to reflect the ever-changing business environment in which Organisations now find themselves.  Horizonscan continue to be MS Amlin’s preferred supplier of continuity solutions and their delivery of exercising and training programmes remains second to none."
    Global specialty insurer and reinsurer